Interior Building Design

Building design should go in accordance with its purpose and uses. What are the different building designs you can make? If you are going to prepare house, many division might be necessary to separate the living room from the dining room or kitchen. It is better that the whole  space will not be laid bare as soon as you enter the the main door of the house. Especially when the family observes sensitivity, there shall be a divider of the different areas within a house.

Another type is a studio type. This type is often seen in an apartment all over the world. In this type, as soon as you enter the door, you can see everything, the kitchen, the comfort room, living room, dining room. There is no room inside. This type costs cheaper. In this case, the space might look so small because of the stuffs. However, an owner can organize and put things into places and make the space look cozy and spacious.

Another type is an office type with rooms surrounding the spacious space. This type is usually designed for business purposes and churches. Of course, for offices, clinics, restaurant, church, they need a spacious spacious for conducting the event or serves as a function hall. Many building type is rampant these days and there are many architects that are competing to create a design that could catch the attention of others.

Another type is the ‘right and left’. There is the hallway and between the hallway are rooms and spaces being used in different purpose. There should be something that is for clinic, shop, apartment, office and other functions.